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List of neighborhoods and municipalities the Berger Blanc serves.


Respect Animal
Massacre Animal

Berger Blanc Cruelty - Campaign against Berger Blanc and all for-profit private pounds in Quebec


Yet another city to abandon the Berger Blanc! The replacement is not a viable solution!

The city of Laval is changing animal control contractors but it is a bittersweet victory.


Video - Poor Berger Inquiry (fr)



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Shocking Report - Exclusive interview with the investigatorInvestigator goes undercover at Berger Blanc for Radio-Canada

An SPA Canada investigator goes undercover at Berger Blanc for the Radio-Canada program *Enquête*

A shocking report broadcast on Radio-Canada’s *Enquête* program revealed cruel practices at Berger Blanc, Montreal’s municipal pound.




Demo Berger Blanc may 13 2011
Demo Berger Blanc may 13 2011





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