Considering that a six-week investigation uncovered several cases of animal cruelty at the for-profit municipal pound of the City of Montreal, Berger Blanc Inc. Considering that this form of management implies that profit takes precedence over good- be animals kept there Considering that the quality of care is greatly affected Considering that the rate of euthanasia is very high in such companies Considering that sterilization no longer becomes a priority for a pound whose aims are lucrative Considering that Quebec is the only place in North America where the legislation in force allows the existence of for-profit pounds We, the undersigned, ask the City of Montreal to establish a municipal by-law to prohibit for-profit pounds to operate in its territory. In addition, we also ask the City of Montreal to terminate all contracts with Berger Blanc Inc. and to relocate the animals to a safe place, where they will have the necessary care, as well as a second chance. We are also asking to contract a non-profit pound to take over the responsibility of homeless animals, or that the city establish a municipal pound, managed by city employees.

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