We have to take action!

Everything leads us to believe that the atrocities witnessed by our investigator from Berger Blanc happen on a daily basis. Even though it is not mandated a non-profit organization and have the load of animals it does, nothing excuses the horrible acts uncovered during the investigation.

For as long as Quebec decides to do business with companies that turn a profit for caring for stray animals, these atrocities will continue. It is our duty to ask the government to take control and cease all contracts with such entities. Animals that are stray or abandonned should be cared for by not-for-profit groups that take their health and well-being to heart and give them the veterinary care that they need.

Tant et aussi longtemps que le Québec acceptera de faire affaires avec des compagnies à but lucratif pour prendre soin des animaux errants et sans foyer, des atrocités semblables se produiront. Il est de notre devoir de demander au gouvernement de prendre en charge la situation et de cesser tout contrat avec de telles compagnies.Les animaux errant et sans foyers doivent être pris en charge par des organisme sans but lucratif qui ont a cœur la vie des animaux à leur charge en leur offrant des soins vétérinaires appropriés et une chance de se refaire une vie décente et sans souffrance.

What YOU can do!

  • Sign the petition against Berger Bland and all for-profit orivately owned pounds;
  • Spread awareness;
  • Sign our petitions;
  • Write a letter to your deputy to ask that the Berger Blanc is shut down and for-profit privatly owned pounds are banned. Click on your neighborhood or municipality tosee where to send your concerns;
  • Sign up to the SPA Canada;
  • Make a donation to our organizationto support our capaign to close the Berger Blanc and ban privately owned for-profit pounds.
  • To report your dissatisfaction, contact the following address:

Berger Blanc Inc

9825 Henri Bourassa est

Montréal, Quebec , H1C-1G5 , Canada




Berger Blanc Inc

914 rue cunard

Laval, Quebec, H75-2H6, Canada




Contact  : info@spacanada.org

Montréal : 514-808-7330

Ottawa    : 613–875-SPA1(7721)